Project A-Day-in-a-Wheelchair
Project A-Day-in-a-Wheelchair an experiential project to promote awareness, understanding and acceptance of independent wheelchair-bound living in Singapore
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. . . about the project

why ?
We hope that
could be a little catalyst
to a more caring
and gracious society
To promote awareness, understanding and acceptance of independent wheelchair-bound living by the elderly and disabled persons in our society.
To encourage appreciation of the spectrum of wheelchair-friendly features quietly designed and built into our surrounding.
Be a catalyst to adopting a broader approach in our effort to care for the elderly and the disabled citizens, and in turn becoming a more compassionate and gracious society.
Catalyst to change, moulding, shaping, gradual...

what ?
It's a public education initiative run as a volunteer project, jointly organised by the Singapore Adventurers' Club, Handicaps Welfare Association and Singapore Action Group of Elders.
It's a wheelchair-bound experiential journey designed to enable the able-bodied to experience and self-discover some aspects of the independent living needs of a wheelchair-bound person.

how ?
150 able-bodied participants will go on 17 planned journeys in teams, with each accompanied by a wheelchair-bound disabled volunteer and 2 Facilitators.
A team debrief at the end of the journey will attempt to gather the participants' experience and observations for subsequent sharing via this website.
A Very Special Fair will be held at the Singapore Conference Hall with exhibition and stores to showcase handicraft and arts products, services, sports and allow the general public to better understand and appreciate the livelihood of some of the disabled and aged groups. There will be a wheelchair experiential circuit set up to allow members of the public to experience handling and movement in different types of wheelchairs.

when & where ?
Sunday, 14 March 1999 at the Singapore Conference Hall from 9am to 4pm.