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We support numerous worthy causes and ongoing projects in India and Africa. Through his seva (selfless service), Stone Edge founder Alvin has developed a deep friendship with many selfless, giving and highly respected individuals who are founders and inspirational leaders of social transformation projects.

What others have to share...

Brij Bhushan Chawla

"He is a philanthropist who has been sent on this earth by the Divine to serve, serve and serve unmindful who is being served."

Brij Bhushan Chawla, Director
Tribal School Project, Jharkhand, India
+91 33 24226625 / email

My first encounter with Alvin was in April 2011. He came to visit our Tribal School Project located in Ghatsila Block, Jharkhand, India. The major population of this state is Tribal who has been neglected for ages and is deprived from basic needs of life like education, health, drinking water and so on.

Alvin spent about 4 weeks in project site. He happily adjusted in situation which by any standard was poor for example non-availability of electric power for most part of the day. His keen observation coupled with sensitivity for any issue where human inconvenience is involved is unmatched. It took him not even a week to understand the problems which the Tribal faces. Within this short span he formulated a near perfect approach how to portray their pathetic conditions to the outside world and enlisted the support for these unseen victims of poverty and neglect by the so called elite.

He is a visionary who can understand the situation at hand and work out a strategy not at superficial level but will solve the problem from grass root. His fluency with computers helps him in using Internet to achieve his goal in reaching his appeal to thousands across the globe.

He is dedicated to the core. His commitments emanates from a true human who transcends the boundaries of religion, language, caste, colour etc. He is a philanthropist who has been sent on this earth by the Divine to serve, serve and serve unmindful who is being served.

In his small stay at the site he generated substantial help to arrange the items which are indeed needed for the first generation learners like good collection of books in each school, educational aids, Atlas and Dictionary for every child are few which not only he suggested but made sure that enough funds are generated to procure these items. His best gift is two sets of Solar Panel System, each comes complete with a new lap top and a projector to help Tribal Children with a slice of Computer exposure.

In short I was overwhelmed by his and his family’s devotion to serve in any adverse surroundings. I pray and wish that Alvin, Jin and Robyn live long to help many on this planet with their incessant zeal for the cause of the down trodden.

Moses Ndung'u

"It was a pleasure having your family with us in Kenya. It's one rare occasion to have a lifetime friend of your calibre."

Moses Ndung'u, Founder & Director
Children's Garden Home & School, Nairobi, Kenya
+254 721 308678 / email

I personally take this chance as the director of Children's Garden Home & School to thank you and your family sincerely for your assistance and moral support as I endeavour to seek, rescue and rehabilitate the orphans and vulnerable children in my country.

I acknowledge the work and service delivery you have offered in particular and for the love and support you have demonstrated unto CGHS by sponsoring chicken, cow, websites, salaries, student sponsorship, classroom door repairs, dining chairs and tables, printing of brochures, bathroom construction, stationery, water piping and firewood projects initiated.

It's with deep gratitude that I express my sincere appreciation for choosing Children's Garden Home & School and working with us as our friends so that we continue reaching unto these vulnerable children in our society. Please receive my appreciation on behalf of management and the entire CGHS fraternity and again I say thank you for your continued support. May the lord bless you.

Thank you.

Monika Fauth

"He does DO what so many people only Say. He actually really came with his family to Kenya to serve the underprivileged children."

Monika Fauth, Founder & Director
Hands Up For Kids, Lamu, Kenya
+254 721 275538 / email

From the very first moment I met Alvin Yong in Bali after an (Art of Living) Advance Course in 2010, he made all his words coming true. He does DO what so many people only Say. He actually really came to Kenya a year later with his fantastic wife Jin and courageous daughter Robyn to serve the underprivileged children.

He and his family stayed for nearly 3 months in the Children's Garden Home, situated next to the Kawangware slum in Nairobi. Already within a few days, his words became actions by supplying paints for the school and making furniture for the dining hall. He had no problem adapting to the climate and the circumstances of living in the children's home with no piped-in water.

I got to know him as a very cheerful and practical man. He came to stay for 2 weeks in Lamu to help me strategize a direction to the Hands Up For Kids project. Everything just happened after one day of observing the situation here in Lamu. He managed to start a few projects and got all schools involved just in less than 10 days. He not only made all children in Lamu smile but he became the Best Friend of my own son.

Alvin has a talent to bring out the best in you. He truly lives the knowledge and being in his presence empowers you. His computer skills are phenomenal and his marketing background helped us a lot to materialize our thoughts.

It has been an absolute pleasure having the Yong Family staying with us! It is my hope that their journey inspires others to come to Kenya as well.


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