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A loving world of equality and Oneness.
To catalyze social entrepreneurship in doing Good Well.
Sustainable, Profitable, Duplicable

There is an inner calling from within every person to make this world a better place. Every person, no exception. Except that for some of us, the voice has grown more audible, spurring us to live a lifestyle that is beyond merely self-serving, that consciously includes being of service to others and the larger world.

Living a life of seva (service) for a better worldThat's our vision. To live a life of service to others. To serve as a catalyst for positive change. To be the very change we wish to see.

Stone Edge is created by Alvin Yong to bring about positive social transformation and development of human potential amongst the poor and the disadvantaged. We do it with the support of Funding Partners (our clients who may be individual philanthropists or caring companies for corporate social responsibility).

You may see Stone Edge as a modern Robin Hood. We take (not rob) money from willing and caring individuals and companies to elevate the life of the have-nots and transmute suffering into a force for progress.

Alvin is known in the social circle as a change-maker, a social entrepreneur and a social transformation catalysts. He has the passion (calling), creativity (ideas), boldness (action) and talents (abilities) to make things happen. In 2011, he spent 9 months on seva (selfless service) with his family across India and Africa - Colours Of Life. To see the full bio-data of Alvin Yong, please visit his personal profile at

Our pet areas are:

Education for Children - to empower disadvantaged children (orphans, street kids from the slums, tribal children) through all-round education, and development of self-confidence and self-awareness.
Community-based Enterprise Development - to uplift marginalized/rural communities through creating self-help projects, developing relevant skills/know-how and building local community enterprises.
Human Potential Training - to empower youth to serve as local change-makers for sustainable social transformation.
Advisory to non-profits on organizational development, strategy, effectiveness and sustainability.

We welcome Giving Individuals and Caring Companies who have a desire to do good to explore with us if we might be able to help channel your funds for the greatest impact and sustainable benefits for the poor and disadvantaged in Asia and Africa. For Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, we are very experienced in corporate social integration, i.e. overlaying elements of team bonding and branding onto any social project.

We are also happy to share our ideas and experiences with Non-Profit Organizations, and to learn from them.


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